The World of Disability

Learning New Ways to Live


For those who have a disability, adjustments to their normal living conditions are often necessary. Having a limb amputated could force them to use a wheelchair, or they might find it problematic to use their less dominant hand. Those who are used to being independent might suddenly have to negotiate life with assistance, or they could choose to do without activities they used to enjoy. Learning new ways to live after a disability appears can be depressing, but there are solutions.

Small changes in life can be disconcerting, but those who suddenly find almost everything they used to do can no longer be done face a much larger problem. Getting out of the house or even out of bed might require assistance, and it can be depressing to look at how limited their life feels. There are specialists who can assist them with making the adjustment, but many are seeking ways to open their life back up to the possibilities they once enjoyed.

Depression is often a byproduct of disability, so it is important to be able to recognise it. A caregiver might see it first, but the person experiencing it needs to be able to acknowledge it before they can be helped. Being able to understand the adjustments they will need to make now might eventually become part of their daily independent living can be a cause, but finding a solution is what they will need most if they are to get out of the darkness and live in the light.

Solutions are not always possible, but compromises can often be found. A person who needs assistance in some areas of life might find happiness and serenity in new areas. Learning to live with a disability does not mean letting it set the tone for life, so finding ways to reshape thoughts and feelings and dive into new areas of life where independence can be found should be a goal.